Apps to help guide your decisions

If you have a smart phone or tablet, you will know there are literally thousands of apps available for all aspects of life.

Some recent ones that I have found can be quite useful to help guide decisions you may be making around your home or garden.

mitre 10 virtual wall painterThe Mitre 10 Virtual Wall painter can help you choose colours and visualize what your room, house or object will look like once painted, using the Accent colour range.  You simply take a picture of what you want to paint (or choose one from your picture library), and use the Magic Brush to paint whole walls or your finger to touch up smaller areas. See what works best and then same the images for later reference.

dulux colour explore

The Dulux visualizer works in a similar way, except you can “paint” live using unique augmented reality technology which colours your walls with a tap of the screen.


dulux visualiser

My current favourite is the Dulux Colour Explore, collect and visualize. This helps you match a paint colour to any colour scheme in your surroundings using the capture tool or browse over 4500 shades to find just the right one for your project.

yates app

For the gardener I have just stumbled across the Yates My Garden app which helps you design your garden, picture what the plants will look like once established and  solve problems you may encounter. I don’t have much time to garden but I can dream!


Note: These apps are all personal choices and this post is not promoted or endorsed by the companies identified.